Zombie Carnival


A while ago a Research and Development team from Colorado developed a new type of virus. Meant as a Bio-Weapon the virus was supposed to make soldiers stronger and faster but it also had side effects which consisted of decrease in intelligence and animalistic behavior. The research team was trying to find ways to get rid of or decrease the severity of the side effects. They picked a few test subjects and gave them each slightly altered versions of the virus, and it worked the test subjects had no lack of intelligence and kept their personalities. Mean while in a different section of the lab, which worked on increasing the other abilities of the virus, they had a problem their one test subject seemed to retain his memories from first glance but when angered the subject broke free and bit a sientist and was killed. The bitten scientist was put in intensive care, but they had no idea of how the virus was originally transmitted they hadn’t figured it out yet. During treatment the bitten scientist went beserk and began clawing and biting at other workers, before being shot in the head he had bitten about six or seven workers who intern began doing the same thing shortly there after. Soon the virus began spreading through out the lab and within a few hours the lab had been over run. The room with the successful test subjects had been sealed immediatley because of hazard concerns. Over the next few days of radio silence from the lab, teams were sent in to investigate but almost immediately over run and the infection escaped the lab and began its spread across the country. Soon the infecton made its way onto airlines and spread to other countries and shortly there after almost no radio transmissions were being sent, complete radio silence in most areas.

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